Cooking Instructions by Meat

At La Caja China, we take the roasting of meats to heart. Having been perfecting our roasting box techniques since the late 80s, we have spent countless hours developing helpful pig roaster cooking instructions and resources for our customers. Inspired by Cuban cuisine and roasting techniques, our goal is to help you create deliciously savory roasts like a pro.

Our following list of La Caja China cooking instructions covers various meats and offers relevant cooking resources that will guide you through the utilization of our innovative take on the Chinese smoker oven. Make sure you click on each resource to learn how to prepare and cook each kind of meat successfully using our hog roasters.


Pig: Size (60 lbs) Estimated Cooking Time (4 hours)

Turkey: Count (6) Estimated Cooking Time (3.5 hours)

Lamb: Size (60 lbs) Estimated Cooking Time (3 hours)

Ribs: Count (6 racks) Estimated Cooking Time (2 hours)

Pork Shoulder: Count (10) Estimated Cooking Time (4 hours)