La Caja China Customers Testimonials

-Jojo Cordero

Thank you for hosting this contest. We are very appreciative for you guys' time and effort in putting this contest together. You guys ROCK!

I would like to know what the next step is for us. I would actually like Harry Hosaka to be the main recipient of the Caja mainly because it was his birthday last Friday when you made the announcement. I didn't even know we won till later in the afternoon of Friday because I was on the road. He was literally beside himself when he saw that we won the contest. He kept texting me again and again and was wondering why I wasn't replying to him. He normally does not get on Facebook as much as I do. However, when I posted our La Caja photo initially and you guys had us mark it as an entry, his excitement has not ceased since then. He has been on your page like white on rice every hour of the day to check on our photo's status. It was so funny to see how much he and I wanted to win this box. We've always borrowed Harry's friend's Caja so we could cook for friends and family and we literally amaze ourselves and our guests on what the roasting box can do. Besides it being an great tool to roast meats, it has brought all of us, friends and family, together. That's what makes it so much fun when we can gather around and be like little kids peeking in the box. Again, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for holding the contest and availing us with one of your roasters. We will continue to be spokespersons for La Caja China because you have made us patrons for life. If we can help sell roasters to our friends, we would have done our job.


-Rita Nicely

Hi Maribel,
Well our clam bake was a lot of fun and people had a great fun. Here is a photo of my husband getting ready to serve. We decided to bake in individual disposable pans for easy clean up. We layered the seaweed on the bottom then the rest of the ingredients on top. We did potatoes, corn, andouille sausage, chicken, dungeness crab and shrimp. Did a clam boil with the clams before dinner which worked out great for the few people we had that we had allergies to clams.
I will be ordering accessories for the box soon.

Thanks again for all your help!!

-Joe Mizrahi

Hi Roberto,
Your instructions were perfect... The roast took about 4 hours for 55 lb lamb to 153 degrees.

Thank you!!

- Lori Oliva

Dear La Caja China,
Our family has been using you for years! It started with our dad, who roasted a pig every noche buena. We have carried on the tradition in Atlanta, and roasted a pig for our neighborhood.
Our neighbors loved it. A great time was had by all! Our dad started using you guys when you first came out with the china box, and now my two sisters and their husbands have one. We love La Caja China! Deep southerners love La Caja China too!

Thank You!"

-Jorge Carmona

"I love this product! saving up to add a Semi Pro to our collection! I had roasted my first pork in new years, and it came awesome!!! I love la caja china!! "

-Lenny Gonzalez

"Want to thank La Caja China for a great product. Used my #2 box to compete at the Miami Springs Optimist Club's first BBQ Blast. Won second place in the ribs. Cooked 8 racks of baby back ribs in one short with the #2 Caja China. Thank You!"

-Charise Bocanegra

"We have model #1. Works great and I think for family and small parties it's the perfect fit. La caja grill, thanks for making a great man's toy."

-Michael Funk Loretta

"La Caja China cooks the best lechon!"

-Edwin Mendija

"I have eaten La Caja China box roasted pork a few times and it never fails, the pork comes out soft, juicy, moist, and very flavorful...and the kicker the pork rind is deliciously crunchy! Am planning on purchasing one in the near future."

-Tracey Goff

"When we were stationed in Japan, one my co-workers, Byron Hadley, ordered one of your boxes and had it shipped over. It was absolutely amazing. He couldn't do whole pigs because we couldn't get them over there, so he would do a couple Boston Butts instead. It gave us all a taste of real, American-style, low and slow roasting."

-Perry Perkins

Author, "La Caja China Cooking"

La Caja China, for all the pig-related press, is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I've used in a lifetime of cooking and barbecue.
I can prepare everything from holiday dinners like St. Patrick's Day corned beef and Thanksgiving turkey; ethnic delights like Malaysian Satays and Italian porchetta sandwiches, to Kalua pig and Moroccan lamb. I can grill steaks, braise chickens, and roast prime-rib that rivals any restaurant, and do it all in my own backyard!
And, of course, I can roast melt-in-your-mouth whole pigs that send my guests into fits of gastronomical joy.
Even more importantly, I can prepare these dishes for crowds that would normally require a smoke house, a four-foot deep pit dug in my yard, multiple gas grills, and several full-size ovens. Not only that, but I can do it anywhere, anytime!
La Caja China isn't just about great barbecue and roasting, it's about friends and family, it's about creating memories, and let's be honest - it's about being that guy (or gal) who can make the dinner, holiday, or party, a memorable event.
I bought my first La Caja China to satisfy my obsession with barbecue toys (just ask my long-suffering wife, who has lived with the dozens of grills, barbecues, and cooking gadgets that fill our kitchen, patio, and garage!) I soon found that La Caja China replaced most of my beloved cooking styles in a single, simple, cooking box and it's on wheels!
If you're looking for a means to roast, grill, bake, braise, smoke, or barbecue, look no further that La Caja China. Cook for a crowd on Model 1, 2 or the awesome new Semi Pro model, or create perfect dinners for you own family on Model #3.
If you find something that you can't cook on La Caja China, please send me at email at, or drop by and I'll find a way.
I look forward to the challenge!

A note about Roberto Guerra:

One of the biggest reasons I have fallen in love with La Caja China, is because of its creator, Roberto Guerra.
Seldom (if ever) can you purchase something from a major corporation and have your emails and phone calls answered within a day by the company's owner not in a form letter, but as a personal response to your questions (try that with your new laptop!)
In response to my first question about roasting a whole pig, I was surprised (and delighted) to get a phone call that started with, "Perry, this is Roberto Guerra from La Caja China.."
In Roberto,I've found a friend who loves what he does, is a master at it, and has a heart to share that love with his customers.
Thank you, Mi Amigo Roberto, for your amazing products, your love of food, family, and fellowship, and your integrity to be "the man behind the box.



La Caja China offers the best China Box pig roaster in the market. They are easy to use and perfect for any event or party. With these easy steps, you will have a great time roasting your pig!