It all started on December 23, 1985, when my father came to me as I was marinating the pig I was going to roast the next day.


You Know, he said to me, I have seen a box in Cuba that can cook a pig in half the time and will crispy the skin, guaranteed.


Oh, really? I replied, have you been drinking?


Come on, half the time and crispy skin? No way!


Then he told me the best part, the part that really freaked me out, "...and the charcoal goes on the top!"


That's it, I said to myself, my father is going nuts!


Still, I know my father, and if he told me he had seen such a contraption, then I knew it was true. 

There and then, we made the decision to build a prototype for testing. Honestly, I was very skeptical about the system. I just wasn't sure it would work. In fact, I was so unsure that I purposely did not bring up the subject the next day, to anyone at the party. By January we had the prototype done, and started cooking right away, trying to get the timing right, and for this, we have spent a lot of hours burning charcoal!


A year later, the company, La Caja China, was born.


All of our roasters are produced in the company's factory located in Hialeah, Florida.

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