La Caja China Recipes

When getting ready to host a large family and friend gathering, food is the essential element that keeps everyone happy. La Caja China roasting box is the perfect instrument for cooking large amounts of delicious meat without sacrificing flavor or tenderness.

We have been perfecting our La Caja China roasting box since the late 80s. Inspired by Cuban cuisine and roasting techniques my father witnessed, our goal was to create a deliciously savory roast in less time than traditional roasting methods. Within a year of when we built our first prototype, our company was born, and all types of meats began roasting using our innovative take on the Chinese smoker oven.

Our following list of mouth-watering smoker recipes was created and adjusted to perfection. They include meals made of pork, ribs, turkey, and more.

Texas Brisket on La Cajita China


Although you’ll need a few hours for this dish, as it requires a bit of preparation, it is well worth the effort! Your result will be the thickest yet most tender brisket, dripping with juices as you effortlessly tear it apart.

Mojo Criollo Marinade


This amazing roasted pig marinade fuses citrus with spicy cumin and pungent bay leaf. Inject this flavorful marinade into your meat and reuse drippings to create an outstanding complementary gravy.

Pierna Criolla a La Caja China


This impressive pork shoulder recipe is a must. Covered in bacon, ham, prunes and guava shells, once roasted, you are in for a seriously juicy bite. Also with this recipe, you will find small recipes for Garlic Mojo, Fried Green Plantain, White Rice, and Black Beans.

The Perfect Clambake


Yes, La Caja China can also take on seafood. This slow cooker recipe integrates lobster, clams, shrimp, linguica sausage, and vegetables. You will also find recipes for Will’s Garlic Butter and Romesco Sauce, both perfect dipping sauces for your Perfect Clambake.

Make sure to check out each recipe to learn how to make a variety of different delectable dishes using the La Caja China pig roaster. If you do not yet own a roaster, take a look at our selection of pig roasters for sale and order one today. Along with our hog roasters, La Caja China offers numerous accessories that make roasting meats in your pig roaster that much easier. You can purchase everything you need to make a delicious meal in one convenient place.