La Caja China Pig roasters Frequently Asked Questions

La Caja China wooden roaster was created in 1985 when our family wanted to find a quicker and more efficient way to BBQ. We started reminiscing about a long wooden box used to cook pigs back in Cuba and decided to create our own roaster. Read more on our About Us page.

One has the inside lined with aluminum and the other with galvanized steel. We no longer offer the galvanized model, only the aluminum-lined roasters.

If the cooking times are the same, you can cook it simultaneously. (Example: chicken and ribs)

Inject the pig the night before with La Caja China Mojo and rub it down with La Caja China Adobo. Also, give the skin a good rub down with salt.

Keep the marinated pig on ice overnight in a large cooler. If you do not have a large cooler, you can keep it inside your La Caja China using one of our Disposable Cooler Bag XXL with ice. IMPORTANT: Ensure the pig is at room temperature before placing it inside the box. Remove the ice approx. 4 hours before you cook it.

Model #3 is not for whole pigs. However, you can cook a 20-pound pig inside Model #3.

Spray the inside of La Caja China and the grids with La Caja China degreaser, then rinse it down with water and soap. Let it sit to dry, then store away.

You do not need to inject the pig; we recommend injecting the pig for better flavor.

Half a gallon of mojo should be enough to marinate up to an 80 lbs pig.

No, Model #1 & Model #2 come in two separate boxes. Both boxes have the same dimension of 48 x 25 x 4. The total weight for Model #1 is 87 pounds, and for Model #2 is 97 pounds. Model #3 comes in one box. The box dimensions are 30 x 18 x 12, and it weighs 45 pounds.

It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to assemble the roasting box. Here you can watch a video that shows you how simple it is.

No, we recommend using regular charcoal and lighting it up using a chimney starter or traditional charcoal lighter fluid.

You will need approximately 40 lbs. 2.5 18-pound bags.

Our battery operated rotisserie will hold safely up to 28 lbs. of food.

Insert it in the thickest part of the meat (Example: For a whole pig, insert it in the center of the butt). Also make sure that the tip of the probe is not touching the bone.


La Caja China offers the best China Box pig roaster in the market. They are easy to use and perfect for any event or party. With these easy steps, you will have a great time roasting your pig!