People love to socialize, hold parties, and cookouts. These are great ways to share good times and stories with family and friends. Some common staples on these events are beer, soda, and of course, the food.

Have you ever thought about how to roast a pig and having one on your next get together?It is definitely something unique and it creates that "something new buzz" all hosts want at their party. But, like any other specialty meal, there are certain procedures you need to follow before achieving the perfect way of roasting a pig. You need to follow the correct instructions on how to prepare everything. We would like to share with you a few steps on roasting a pig using your La Caja China.

Step 1

Before you get started, you will need to make sure that the backbone of the pig is split allowing it to lay flat and fit between the wire racks. Your butcher may prepare your pig already split but if not, you can easily split the backbone by placing a knife on it with one hand and firmly using a hammer to apply pressure with the other. 

Step 2

First you will need to season your pig. Strain La Caja China Mojo into a bowl and with the included syringe, inject the solution into the meat of the pig every 3 to 4 inches. Be careful not to puncture the skin with the needle. Afterwards, apply salt and La Caja China Adobo all over the underside of the pig. Allow your seasoned pig to marinade overnight for best results. 

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Step 3

Before you place the pig into the Caja China, you will need to lock the two included wire racks. For models #1 and #2, use the included four S-hooks, and for the Semi-Pro and Pro models, use the included four chains. 

Step 4

Once you have the pig locked between the racks you can easily lift the pig and place it into the box on top of the included drip pan, skin side down. For best results allow the pig to come to room temperature before cooking. 

Step 5

Place your ash pan and grid tray on top of the Caja China and add the coals. We recommend Kingsford Charcoal because it lights faster, burns even and lasts longer. Never use instant charcoal. Start with 16Ibs of charcoal for unit #1 and 18Ibs for unit #2, Semi-Pro and Pro units. Place the charcoal in two equal piles on either end of the grid tray, add lighter fluid and light coals. Once lit (approx 20 minutes) spread coals evenly across the grid tray. The cooking time starts now. You will be required to evenly add more coal to the grid tray at the next two or three one hour intervals and the following half hour depending on the size of your pig. 

See the chart for further explanation and amounts.

Very important - Do not open the Caja China during this period.

Step 6

During the cooking process, we noticed people tend to salivate and get a little hungry so we developed the additional top grill attachment seen above. Place this on top of the coals and cook your favorite appetizers and sides. Enjoy!

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Step 7

After you have added the final amounts of coal and you are readyto turn your pig, two people wearing protective gloves should raise the grid tray and carefully shake the ashes off the coals onto the ash pan. Carefully place the grid tray on the long handles. Then, two people should lift the ash pan with ashes and safely dispose of them.

Add water to ashes to ensure they don’t cause fire, or bodily harm.

For Semi-Pro and Pro-Units, see step 9.

Step 8

It's time to turn your pig. Using protective gloves on both hands, carefully and in one motion grab one end of the rack, lift, slide and turn the pig, skin side up. With a knife, carefully make cross cuts into the skin as seen here. Make sure not to cut into the meat. Once complete, place the ash pan and grid tray with hot coals back onto the Caja China to crisp the skin.

Step 9

If you have the Semi-Pro or Pro units, discard your ashes into the ash receptacle. For these units, two people should lift both the grid tray and ash pan together and place it into the ash receptacle. Turn your pig and score it. Place the additional ash pan back on top of the Caja China, shake the ashes from the grid tray onto the ash pan and place on top of Caja China to crisp the skin.

Step 10

After 20 minutes for model #1 and 30 minutes for model #2, peak into the Caja China and see if the skin of your pig looks like this. If not, close and check every 15 minutes.

Step 11

Once your pig is done, carefully remove the ash pan and grid tray and pull the pig out of the Caja China. Enjoy the delicious crispy skin and serve with your favorite sides.

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Weights listed below are live whole, non-dressed.

For roasting a pig under 80 lbs. follow instructions for Model #1.

For roasting a pig over 80 lbs. follow instructions for Model #2.


After First Hour of Roasting

Remove grid tray and ash pan and place it on the long handles. Flip meat or poultry. When you flip a pork leg or shoulder, make small cuts into the skin. Place the grid tray and ash pan back on top again. For Model #1 or Model #2 add B lbs. to 9 lbs. of charcoal and for Model #3 add 5 lbs.

Note: Remove your roast immediately after the marked time has elapsed to avoid dryness. Remember to use the same time for roasting one or several of the same pieces. We highly recommend using a wire meat thermometer when roasting poultry, lamb and red meat.


La Caja China offers the best China Box pig roaster in the market. They are easy to use and perfect for any event or party. With these easy steps, you will have a great time roasting your pig!