La Caja China Customer Service

We take great pride in our top of the line La Caja China roasting box and cooking instruments. There are no other roasting boxes on the market that can match our delectably scrumptious results. In addition to delivering a product you can trust, we strive to provide the ultimate customer service in the industry. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your Chinese smoker oven, or would like to discuss tips and best practices for successful roasting, our team of experts is ready to help.

History and Values of La Caja China

Inspired by a conversation I had with my father about Cuban cuisine and roasting techniques, our team has been perfecting our La Caja China hog roasters since the late 80's. Our goal has always been to create a deliciously savory roast in less time than traditional roasting methods. Within a year of our first prototype, our company was born, and we have been serving meat-loving communities ever since. To this day, we strive to deliver only reliable products that create high-quality results.

Customer Service Support Team

We attribute our continued success to going beyond merely focusing on our products. No matter if you have an issue with your roaster or you just need tips and tricks on how to make a specific recipe, our team at La Caja China provides a fully-staffed support unit that is dedicated to serving you. You can be confident in knowing that we will provide the assistance or service you require to make the most out of your roasting box.

Shipping Information

Our policy is to deliver our products promptly and cost-effectively, reducing the cost to our customers. Because we get orders from all over the world, our team has mastered the process of quick turnarounds in an effort to make sure you get your roasting box as rapidly as possible. We opt for Fedex deliveries unless we can confirm that a US Postal delivery will arrive sooner. To learn more about our shipping process and how to track your order, visit our shipping information page.