Top Grill Large for Model #1, #2 & SP-Series

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Top Grill Large for Model #1, #2 & SP-Series


Summer sizzles when you have a top grill resting above your outdoor fire pit. Strong, durable and providing 450 square inches of cooking space, La Caja China's top grill is designed to make your summer barbecues spectacular affairs. Standing 6 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 22.5 inches deep, the grill has plenty of room for the steaks, burgers, brats and hot dogs that will fill guests up and have them coming back for seconds.

The height of the top grill is ideal for grilling over charcoal briquettes. The grill's height creates a perfect balance of airflow over the coals for the food cooking above. When connected to a La Caja China roasting box, the results are nothing short of mouth-watering. Whether you are roasting a pig or grilling sausages, heating up side dishes or experimenting with flavor combinations, you won't be disappointed with the results the grill top delivers.

The steel top grill for
Model #1, #2 and SP Series takes only moments to install. It is easily removed for a thorough cleaning and scrubbing. The grill top is designed to withstand the high temperatures and exacting standards professional chefs demand of all their culinary tools. Combined, the many strengths and benefits of the La Caja China top grill makes it a favorite tool for chefs, caterers and backyard cooks the world over.


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