Top Ash Pan Model 1 & 2

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Top Ash Tray for Model #1 and #2

When the flames have gone out and the ashes are cooled, it is time to clean your La Caja China roasting box and get it ready for your next barbecue event. Our top ash tray makes this process a breeze. Using the wide and sturdy handle, it is easily removed from the pig-roasting box so that you can dump the ashes right into the trash or into your compost pile.

The lightweight tray is manufactured from galvanized steel and is designed to stand up to high heat loads, which means it won't warp or fracture during usage. Without question, you will get many years of barbecue memories from a single ash pan. However, you may want to get an additional ash pan, especially if you plan on hosting long-lasting barbecues. Having an extra pan on hand allows you to prepare the coals prior to insertion into your La Caja China roasting box.

Of course, it is necessary to keep the ash pan clean and free of debris, as this helps to prevent rusting. For this reason, we recommend the use of non-abrasive degreasing soaps and scrubbing tools after each barbecue. Keeping it clean will prolong the life of the ash tray and also improve the quality of your culinary endeavors.
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