Pro-Meat Injector 50 cc.

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La Caja China Pro-Meat Injector 50 cc.

Pro-Meat Injector 50 cc The Handle is ruggedly built from high-impact plastic to be both durable and extremely lightweight. Its transparent, graduated barrel is made of nonporous polypropylene, which will not discolor. Its simple dosage sleeve can be easily adjusted from 1 to 5 cc.

Creating great meat starts with using a reliable marinade injector. At La Caja China, our lightweight meat injector inserts the marinade deep within the tissue to flavor and tenderize everything from beef to turkey. With the right marinade, culinary perfection is easy to achieve with this simple and easy-to-use tool.

The design of the marinade injector allows it to flavor a wide variety of meats. It can be used as a pork injector, turkey injector, or beef injector. Most clients use it for pork injection; it is ideal for use with everything from pork butts to spare ribs.

Constructed from high-impact plastic, the device is strong and sturdy, and will not discolor or fade. It is easy to use and can be adjusted to insert anywhere from one to 50cc of marinade. The clear, nonporous polypropylene case allows you to see precisely the amount of marinade within the tube. Combined with the easy-to-manipulate handle, this gives you considerable control over the finished flavor of the meats you are preparing.

The flavor injector is easily disassembled when the cooking is done and it is time to clean the injector. The small and compact design means the device can be tucked away in your toolkit for easy transport and storage. All in all, the La Caja China meat injector is strong, lightweight, and easy to operate, which makes it the most desirable injector on the market.


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