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Pemiun Cover For Model LCC #1 & #2 & SP Series

The premium vinyl cover by La Caja China is a great way to protect your investment from damage and insects when not in use. This vinyl cover is specifically designed to fit with the 70-pound Roaster Model #1 and 100-pound Roaster Model #2. It fits over both of these models perfectly and snugly to prevent it from slipping off during windy days.

If you've been looking for a grill cover to protect your restaurant or catering operation, this one will get the job done. This heavy-duty cover is made in the United State from premium materials.

We encourage anyone purchasing a pig roasting box to buy a barbecue cover at the same time to prevent unnecessary damage o the top and sides of the grill. Your
La Caja China roasting box will appreciate the extra care, and it will be significantly easier to keep your grill clean with a cover in place.

With the cover over your grill you will still be able to move the roaster using the handle and wheels, making it perfect for
transport to hotels, reception halls and more.

Full-Length Heavy-Duty Vinyl Cover For La Caja China Model #1 & #2 Only.

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