Pig Roasting

It is a delicious and practical dish to serve on any occasion. This dish has been a delicacy in different countries worldwide that only varies in taste due to how they are marinated and cooked.

Pig roasting is also pretty practical when feeding the hungry masses; you get a lot of meat for minimal cooking effort depending on your roasting setup. A whole hog roast can provide about 50-100 people. Now that's a party! Ideally, for a full-sized pig roast, you would want at least 50 guests at your event.

Planning a party is an exciting task. We like to consider different themes and prepare sumptuous meals for our guests. But, of course, one of the standout dishes in any celebration would be serving a roast pig. We all know that pig roasting requires effort, but the results are worth it.


BBQ Roasting

Your BBQ pig roasting may be as ordinary, low-key, or exclusive as you make it. It all depends on how you plan things. Everything begins with excellent preparation. Think of what else you will be serving side by side with your roast pig, and research for some matching beverages to enhance the flavor of your dishes.


Roast a Pig

Aside from the dishes, guests and utensils, do not forget to check the weather because you need to prepare for any foreseen rain; you will need to have a shaded, dry area for your guests. Gazebos are ideal, and so are patios. Nevertheless, planning your barbecue at the perfect time of the year is best.

Before you begin pig roasting, acquire your pig from a reliable source to ensure that you buy a healthy pig that has been killed and prepared correctly. Then it would be best if you had the right tools like your La Caja China to push thru with your pig roasting party. Besides that, consider getting good quality charcoal as well.

The process of pig roasting can be time-consuming, and this is the best time to socialize, chat and exchange stories with your friends and family. While waiting, you can grill some veggies, hotdogs, and burgers o

n top of your La Caja China using our Top Grill.  

Once the pig roasting is done and served, you will all enjoy the meat's taste and the skin's crispness, which can be a heavenly combination with your guests. The rewards of roasting a pig together with your friends and relatives would be worth it.


So, grab your La Caja China and start the party! Cheers!


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