Tips on Getting the Most Delicious Pig Roast Using La Caja China


The Pig Roast is the new sensation sweeping the nation. But, yes, it has been going for a few years- the medieval world was a huge fan of the pig roast.

When one pictures a succulent hog glistening that lovely, rich mahogany color, with an apple in its mouth, images of women with flowing locks and dresses, cone-like headpieces, and men with jugs of ale and pink blushed cheeks come leaping into view.

 Yes, Henry the Eighth may have been all too enamored with the hog roast, but so, it seems, we are too. The pig roast is back.

 One of the best things about a caja china hog roast is that it's relatively low maintenance yet feeds an army of hungry people. A 100 lbs whole hog roast can feed up to 120. Now that's a party! Ideally, for a full-sized pig roast, you would want at least 50 guests at your event.

 For parties smaller than 50 people, it would be best to opt for a smaller beast; a 5o lbs would be a perfect choice. But, on the other hand, a 50 lbs roast will feed up to 30 people. So, once you've decided how many people you'd like to entertain, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of cooking the hog.

Roasting a pig using our caja china; it's a pretty simple process. The one rule of the Caja China pig roast is; to add charcoal every hour because the heat needs to be constant as we roast the pig and never open the box until the required time. The roast should take about four to five hours to cook, but you also need to factor in time for the carving of the hog. And that's the great thing about it. It's a long, slow, relaxed cooking process that will have your guests watering at the mouth for a taste. It's just the perfect crowd-pleasing party food and instantly makes any event memorable.


Pig roast Tip # 1: Pig is not cold inside.

 Make sure the pig is as close as possible to 68 Degrees Farenheit before roasting; if not, it will take longer to cook. Use a meat thermometer to make sure the inside temperature is at the correct temperature.


Pig roast Tip # 2: Keep Your Sweet Stuff On The Inside of the pig.

You should avoid putting anything containing sugar on the pig outside until about 10 minutes before it is ready to serve. The skin will turn black and look burned; we don't want that to happen.

 If you are looking for a sweet flavor, it is best to make a sweet injection and add as much sweetness to the meat as you want. 

A good injection, if you are looking for sweet flavor, is; 64 oz Apple Juice mixed with 1 cup sugar, 1 cup Corn Syrup or Molasses, and 1 cup Finely Ground Dry Rub ( the rub has to be a fine powder or it will clog your injector). You can make up four batches of this and inject it into the Shoulders, Hams, and Loins.

Or you can use our Cuban Style Mojo Criollo from La Caja China for a fantastic flavorful Caribbean flavor pig roast.


Pig roast Tip # 3: Use the correct amount of charcoal

The amount of charcoal varies according to the model of the box. For example, model #1 will start with 14 lbs of charcoal and model #2 with 16 lbs. Click here to read a chart.


Pig roast Tip # 4: Do not open the box until the required time.

It is a fundamental rule not to let anyone open the box until the required time because every time you open the box, you add about 10 to 20 minutes of extra time for no reason. Just relax; the ashes are protecting the meat from burning. That is why we do not dispose of them until ready to flip the pig to crispy the skin.




Pig roast Tip # 5: Use a wired meat thermometer 

 The use of a wired meat thermometer will make the process more straightforward. Just insert the probe from the thermometer into the ham of the pig before closing the box, and then add 7 to 8 lbs of charcoal every hour until you reach 187 Fahrenheit on the thermometer. Click here to learn more.


Happy Roasting!



For more information, download our eBook for free to get detailed instructions on roasting a pig. This brochure will serve as your step-by-step guide on how to roast your pig using our pig roaster. Click Here.


La Caja China offers the best China Box pig roaster in the market. They are easy to use and perfect for any event or party. With these easy steps, you will have a great time roasting your pig!