La Caja China Mojo - Cuban Style & Adobo Criollo Set #1845

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La Caja China Mojo - Cuban Style & Adobo Criollo Set LCC-S1845 Gluten Free

  • LCC Mojo Criollo 128 oz
  • LCC Adobo 28 oz

Has your pork loin lost its flavor? If it tastes a little dull and bland, then we can help it get its mojo back! Cuban Mojo sauce is a favorite of backyard chefs throughout the country because it's the perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything that tastes oh so nice on a hot summer's day or night.

So what is Mojo sauce? La Caja China’s Mojo sauce is the evolution of a secret family recipe that includes a bit of pineapple, a touch of sour orange juice, a pinch of garlic and a sliver or two of onion. We could tell you the whole recipe, but if we did Grandma wouldn't invite us to Christmas dinner!

Our recipe combination is unique to La Caja China, and our customers agree that it is one of the best mojo sauces for pork on the market. In fact, the only one at the BBQ that isn't going to like our Mojo sauce recipe is the succulent guest of honor you'll be roasting on your
roasting box. The sauce is all-natural and has no Gluten, which means you can put it on everything from pork loins and ribs to sausage and chops.


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