La Caja China® Original Thermometer

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    Best installation location???

    What's the dimensional installation for a Caja#2?? V/R JDS

1 Review

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    Best installation location???

    What's the dimensional installation for a Caja#2?? V/R JDS


La Caja China Original Thermometer

"Made in USA"

Opening the lid of your roaster lets out heat which increases cooking time and can affect the quality of the finished meal. The La Caja China smoking thermometer lets the chef take accurate readings without having to peek inside the box. The easy-to-read dial of the thermometer records temperatures of between 150 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for cooking meats and gives an accurate reading of when the cooking process is complete. Whether cooking suckling pork to 200 degrees, roast duck to 165 degrees, or brisket to 225 degrees, chefs will always hit their mark with this handy-dandy gadget on the side of their pig roasting box. The simple design and construction of the pig roasting thermometer means fewer components and less chance for an internal malfunction that can skew the reading.

The thermometer is easily affixed to any of La Caja China's pig roasting boxes. Owners simply need to drill a 5/2" hole on the side of the box and follow the mounting instructions. The whole process takes just minutes to complete. Once attached, the compact size of the pig roasting thermometer won't diminish the external appearance of the box one bit. When the meal is done, and its time to clean the pig roaster, the smoker thermometer simply needs to be wiped off, and it will look as good as new.


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