La Caja China Model Jr 50 lbs. Roaster MJ Red

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La Caja China Roaster Model Jr - MJ 50 lbs. Red


La Caja China Metal Jacket Jr. Red pig roaster isn't just for roasting a pig. The Model Jr MJ Red can comfortably handle a whole animal up to 50 pounds, whether a pig, a lamb, or a goat. But, of course, there's more to good barbecue than just pork. Four to five whole chickens (not merely parts), two to three whole turkeys, slabs of ribs, pork shoulders – all of these potential meats can be made with the Jr. Model 50 lbs Red MJ.

In addition, the ability to cook multiple types of meat at once or one good-sized animal gives the Jr Red a degree of flexibility for any occasion, whether it's a family reunion or catering a wedding, cooking Carolina-style barbecue, or Mediterranean gyro meats.

With a body made of marine-grade aluminum and all of the essential equipment you need for almost every conceivable barbecue scenario formed from stainless steel, the Model Jr. MJ Red makes Cuban pig roasting a snap. Once the cooking's over, and the leftovers are bagged, cleaning up is fast and easy. The simple design and minimal moving parts ensure years of reliable and worry-free operation and plenty of well-cooked barbecues to fuel memories for a lifetime.


Size: This is our most popular Roasting box, it can cook up to an 80-pound pig (live weight)

Convenience: You have the flexibility of roasting a small or large Pig, Lamb or Goat

Quality: Made in the USA Spare parts available

Versatility: 16-18 whole Chickens, 4-6 Turkeys, 8-10 Pork Ribs Slabs, 8-10 Pork Shoulders


The following items are included:


·  Grease Tray Model 1 & 2

·  Double Rack Set & 4 S/S Hooks

·  6 S/Steel Handles

·  Charcoal Grid Model 1 & 2

·  Ash Pan Model 1 & 2

·  Box Handle Model 1 & 2

·  4 Aluminum top Frames

  • Ash Pan holder Model 1 & 2

·   Assembly & Roasting Instructions


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