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Gloves, Heavy Duty Caja China

You will want to be sure to grab your grilling gloves before you head outside to do some pig roasting this summer. Our La Caja China leather grilling gloves have all the features you need to keep your fingers and palms safe even as you crank up the heat.

Our heavy-duty leather work gloves make it a breeze to open the lid, remove the grates or manhandle your meat into the right position on the grill. The gloves are made of rawhide leather that has been sewn together to provide protection against the fiery flames and embers of your
pig cooker roasting box.

As with all rawhide leather gloves, it's a good idea to plan on treating it to your specific needs. Waterproofing is recommended as you will expose the gloves to moisture. If you want a softer glove, adding a touch of neatsfoot oil is a great idea. Conversely, if you want a tougher glove, go with a tincture of benzoin to harden 'em up.

Our La Caja China leather grilling gloves will take either choice of treatment without any problem whatsoever. Just remember: Let your gloves sit for a spell after treating them so the treatment won't affect the flavor of the meat.

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