Dual Sensor Meat Thermometer

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Dual Sensor Meat Thermometer

Dual Sensor Thermometer that will give you both ambient and meat temperature, a great little tool to use with a rotisserie.

La Caja China is proud to offer the Dual Sensor Meat Thermometer manufactured by Polder. It is among the best meat thermometers on the market because it provides real-time information regarding ambient temperature and the internal temperature of the meat on the grill. This makes it easy to create the perfect meal whether you are making braised veal, roasting pork, or grilling beef, lamb or poultry.

The Polder dual sensor meat and oven thermometer is easy to use. Simply insert it into the meat, leaving a little space between the meat and the ambient temperature sensor. Wait a few moments and both sensors within the probe thermometer will provide an accurate reading of the temperature within the oven/grill and the temperature deep within the meat.

These temperatures are displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which means you never have to convert it in your head. The meat thermometer measures a meat temperature range of 120-200 degrees Fahrenheit (49-93 Celsius) and an ambient oven temperature range of 150-550 degrees F (66-288 C). The dishwasher-safe silicon grip is heat resistant up to 650 degrees.



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