Adobo Criollo 28 oz Authentic Cuban Style

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Adobo Criollo 28oz "Gluten Free"

Adobo Criollo is an authentic blend of spices created by the flavor experts at La Caja China. Adobo Criollo is the perfect Cuban dry rub for pork when used with your La Caja China roasting box. Roasting a pig gets so much easier when you use this specially formulated combination of traditional flavors.

Everyone loves Adobo Criollo because it is not just a Cuban dry rub for pork, but also a great choice as a Cuban dry rub for chicken or beef. Any dish you desire can be spiced up with this blend in just minutes. Sprinkle it on, rub it down and then let it sit for up to an hour so the spices can really seep into the meat.

Whether you're an amateur chef looking to experiment with new flavors, or the owner of an international restaurant, Adobo Criollo is the answer. Nearly anyone can flawlessly replicate the flavors of Cuba with the help of this magic bottle.

You will find all of the depth and intensity that have made this flavor so iconic, including garlic, pepper, cumin and onion. As these flavors seep down into the meat they blend together to create a dark, unmistakable taste.

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