Roasting a Whole Pig Using a Wired Meat Thermometer 


 1. Place pig between the racks and tie using the 4 S-Hooks.

 2. Place pig inside the box skin side down, connect the wired thermometer probe in the center of the ham (rear leg).

 3. Cover the box with the ash pan and charcoal grid.

 4. Add 14 lbs. of charcoal for Model #1 Box or 16lbs. for Model #2 Box and light up.

 5. Once lit (20-25 minutes), spread the charcoal evenly over the charcoal grid.

 6. Cooking time starts right now ______________________ (write you start time).

 7. After 1 hour (1st hour) ___________________ add 7-8 lbs. of charcoal (write time).

 8. Continue to add 7-8 lbs. of charcoal every hour until you reach 187 on the meat thermometer.

 9. Once you reach 187, lift the charcoal grid shake it well to remove the ashes, now place it on top of the long handles. Do not place it on the grass or floor; it will damage them.

 10. Remove the ash pan from the box and dispose of the ashes. Make sure you water down the ashes on the ground; they can cause a fire.

 11. Flip the pig over to crispy the pig's skin using our patented Rack system; grab the end of the Rack lift and slide as you pull upward; using the other hand grab the top end of the other rack and slide it down.

 12. Score the skin using a knife; this helps remove the fat and crisp the skin.

 13. Cover the box again with the ash pan and the Charcoal Grid.

 14. After 30 minutes, take a peek by lifting the Ash Pan by one end only. You will continue doing this every 10 minutes until the skin is crispy to your liking.


 IMPORTANT: Do not open the box until you reach the desired temperature.