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Roasting Apron, Black

This Functional two spacious pockets apron will keep you clean in a very comfortable way. Size: 32" L x 27" with adjustable neck strap 100% polyester.

A cooking apron offers protection against everything from hot oil and messy grease to embers and flames that can burn holes right through your clothes. It also hides stains while it protects your clothes from the inevitable splashes and spills that occur while cooking.

La Caja China's aprons for women and aprons for men are one size fits all. These roasting aprons can be used by professionals in restaurants or amateurs at backyard BBQs – anywhere you get the urge to throw your favorite foods on the grill. Our polyester apron fits your form like a second set of skin. This means it won't get tangled up and caught on your pig roasting box, oven or other furniture and equipment in the cooking area.

Polyester aprons are durable and long-lasting. Easy to clean and easy to store, they will last as long as your pig roasting box with the proper care and treatment. They are resistant to shrinkage and sun fade, and they dry quickly, which means you can clean them and have them ready to wear again in no time.

Order today and we'll send your apron via FedEx. If the item is damaged or becomes damaged, simply return it according to the terms of our return policy.


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La Caja China  Apron, color Black
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