Model 2 100 lbs Pig Roaster

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  • 5
    Model 2 hog roaster

    My 100 lb cooker very nice went together easy I had the small one for around1( years but loving my new one thanks

  • 5
    La Caja China Model 2

    Great product. Not difficult to put together and simplistic to use. First use was fantastic

18 Reviews

  • 5
    Model 2 hog roaster

    My 100 lb cooker very nice went together easy I had the small one for around1( years but loving my new one thanks

  • 5
    La Caja China Model 2

    Great product. Not difficult to put together and simplistic to use. First use was fantastic

  • 5
    Best pig roaster ever

    I bought my roaster back in the early 90's and here it is 25 years later and we are still using the same caja china. The only thing I have had to change is the charcoal grate.

  • 5
    La Caja China is the best thing ever

    We got this pig roaster in 2016 after seeing it on Andrew Zimmers show this thing is the best pig roaster ever. It is very convenient and portable you can roast a 100lbs hog in 5 hrs or less. We live in chicago and I can roast a pig anywhere anytime it hasn't been 2 years since I got my roasting box and I am doing my tenth hog already today. Everyone always asks when is the next roast. People can not get enough of these hogs with Robert's receipe it's the only way to do it the chicharron's are to die for farm to roasting box to table its the best thank you LA CAJA CHINA

  • 5
    Makes a Big Wow with your Pig

    I bought this to cook for about 100 cub scouts and their families in the woods with no electricity. Cooked a pig that was 62 lbs dressed weight perfectly. We served it up with all the makings for Tacos Carnitas. It was a huge hit. Total time in the bix was just under five hours. When we pulled the pig out of the box the crowd went wild. It was done perfectly and almost all the crispy skin was devoured. I sliced the crispy sides (bacon) off for my helpers...what a treat. I have cooked two pigs since then with the same results...perfect. Even in Birmingham Alabama where smoked pig is king the crowds love this style of pig.

  • 5
    9 years and counting

    We have a family tradition of roasting pigs for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. When my husband was passed the roasting "torch" 9 years ago he insisted on having his own box for Christmas. For the past 9 years he has been roasting about 2 pigs per year sometimes more in his Model#2 roasting box. ALWAYS a perfectly roasted pig! We've taken the box on tour to Dacula, GA and to Callahan, FL where family and friends have enjoyed his perfectly roasted pigs. Follow the directions on the side of the box and the pig always cooks perfectly! Easy clean up, easy storage, and travels well too. Not only do we recommend the Caja China to all our friends and family but when people partake, they can't believe how easy it is. The box sells itself!

  • 5
    My first try at roasting a pig

    I bought the #2 box to roast an 80# pig for my son's 40th birthday...I've never attempted to do this before, but with this box and the instructions and came out GREAT ! Had passerby's walk over to see what it was and everyone was fasinated that a pig could be cooked this way and the cleanup , according to my wife...was simple and she is now wanting to roast another pig. Ordering was simple and delivery was earlier than expected...everything came and nothing was damaged !! Thank You La Caja China....The party was the best ...!!!

  • 5
    Making cleanup easier.

    I've used the Model #2 three times now with great results. Each time learning a little more and making things easier. Here are a few tips. The box is so easy to assemble and disassemble. I wrapped the inside panels with wide aluminum foil BEFORE I assembled the box. Use philips screwdriver to punch out bolt holes. Foil on sides clamped to top with fire pan rails and folded back over rails into box. Doing it this way keeps the foil in place. Drip pan foil lined. Spray stainless meat rack with Pam before racking pig. When it comes time to clean I take the box completely apart. It only takes a few minutes to disassemble but it makes it so much easier to clean flat panel surface without having to deal with corners. With the box apart its ready to be re-lined for the next cookout. So much easier to clean!

  • 5
    Terrific product, so far

    I received my roaster about a week ago and I decided to assemble it early, before our Luau. It went together without a hitch. The fit and finish is terrific and it was actually a joy to assemble. Anyone with basic DIY skills, a parent with young kids or a college student who has purchased boxed furniture from IKEA will have no problem with the assembly to instructions. This is much nicer quality. I can't wait for our party on the 14th! stay tuned for a follow-up review.

  • 5
    La Caja China, it is great

    This Item was a Hit at my daugther's High School Graduation. I am located in Maryland in the Washington DC metro area, I had my family and friend at my house. We did not need entertainment La Caja did it all. We put it together with no Problems the instructions were to the point. Customer Service was the best ever. Adiel a customer service agent, made sure everything was OK with my order. He is an Angel. I will recommend this item to everybody. It gets 5 or more stars.


Large Portable Pig Roaster Model #2 AL 110 lbs.

The La Caja China roasting box Model No. 2 provides the answer for those wondering how to roast a pig that's a hundred pounds or so. In those circumstances where the pig requires a bigger pig roasting box, the Model No. 2 provides the room needed. Of course, if a whole pig isn't on the menu, the Model No. 2 can still handle plenty of meat with a minimum of fuss.

Need some roasted chicken? The Model No. 2 can handle up to 18 of them, and the optional rotisserie kit can allow for hassle-free rotation. Turkey? Up to six of them at once. Rib slabs? Ten at a time. If it can be roasted, slow cooked and seared, the Model No. 2 can handle the load.

The Model No. 2 pig cooker is just what is needed when the backyard can't be dug up for a pit and building a brick oven isn't feasible. Marine-grade aluminum ensures years of durability, while stainless-steel accessories make cleaning up quick and painless. The sturdy construction and portable design make the Model No. 2 the sort of "go anywhere, do anything" cooking implement that can be pulled out onto the patio with hardly any effort or loaded up into a truck bed and hauled out to the middle of nowhere for incredible parties without back-breaking labor.

Size: This is our most popular Roasting box, it can cook up to a 110-pound pig (live weight)

Convenience: You have the flexibility of roasting a small or large Pig, Lamb or Goat

Quality: Made in the USA Spare parts available. Lined with Marine Aluminum

Versatility: 16-18 whole Chickens, 4-6 Turkeys, 8-10 Pork Ribs Slabs, 8-10 Pork Shoulders


The following items are included:

· Large Dripping Pan

· 2 Steel Chrome Meat Racks

· 4 S/S Hooks

· 6 S/S Metal Handles

· 1 Charcoal Grid

· 1 Ash Tray

· 1 Large Box Handles

· 4 Aluminum top Frames

· Assembly & Roasting Instructions


When the situation demands a pig roasting box, La Caja China has the right tool for the job.

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